Dubai Internship Part 1 of 2

When it was time for me to decide where to apply for an internship, I had no idea where to start because honestly I wanted to go anywhere. One day I was talking to my friend and he expressed his desire to work in Dubai. The second he said Dubai I loved it and whatever he said after Dubai I honestly did not pay attention to.  All I did was mumble some words and move my head back and forth. Anyway, fast forward to applying, doing an interview and getting accepted for a 4 month internship. The adventure can begin.

I arrived at the airport, and was taken to the accommodation. The next day I signed a few documents, got my schedule and got introduced to the Head Chef. I was excited and nervous but I was ready to be exposed to the culinary world. The first couple of weeks I was at the breakfast buffet, basically starting from the first meal people would eat to start the day till the afternoon when obviously people would also eat their lunch. It felt really good because I thought of it as a cycle starting point being breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Later on during the internship, I loved being introduced to the pre-preparations and preparations of the industry. You learn some things about yourself you never thought you carried in your arsenal whether it was personal or professional i.e. waking up very early and by early I mean 3-4am, and anyone can relate to this because really no one wants to wake up at that hour but I actually enjoyed it and it made me look forward to the next day.

After completing the first couple of weeks I was transferred to the main kitchen. The main kitchen consisted of 5 different kitchens: Hot, Cold, Pastry, Meats and Poultry Butchery, and Fish Butchery. The main kitchen was specifically for the room service orders and I started out in the hot kitchen to once again know how it all ran. Most of the orders are sent out from there. Only one chef would work per shift so it was only him and me. I felt like I had a little more responsibility when it came to work, I had to push myself mentally to help out as much as I could. Whenever there were a lot of orders the chef form the cold kitchen would come to join in the “battle”. Sometimes I had the opportunity to actually observe how they would function efficiently when it came to little orders, which I enjoyed since I was just standing doing nothing. I learned a lot in the hot kitchen and I felt it was my biggest challenge in that area of work. Overall when it came to the hot kitchen I pushed myself in terms of responsibility, teamwork and work efficiency.

Well this is the first part of my brief Dubai internship I hope you enjoyed reading, I will continue it in the second part when I get transferred to the Butchery and Bar and Restaurant outlet. One thing I forgot to mention is when I got moved to the Main Kitchen I started waking up late for the afternoon shift.

Sincerely from an Orange,



Hello world!

Hello fellow oranges and welcome to our group blog about everything food related. Yes the name is kinda weird, and that is because it took us two hours of discussions over whatsapp at 2am until we got down to the greatest(read:only) name we could decide on. (not to mention one of the few that were available on wordpress, all the other names we came up with were taken and were unused since 2006)

And you might be wondering, who are these people? Well, we’re a bunch of culinary school graduates who are looking for something to do together in our free time. And being scattered in a couple of countries does not make that easy. So we came up with this idea because it is simple, efficient, fun and can be easily updated without the need for us all to be there.

Anyway, enough blabbering for now because we have work to do and things to get done.

So i leave you with this for the time being.

Sincerely Orange,