Hello fellow oranges and welcome to our group blog about everything food related. Yes the name is kinda weird, and that is because it took us two hours of discussions over whatsapp at 2am until we got down to the greatest(read:only) name we could decide on. (not to mention one of the few that were available on wordpress, all the other names we came up with were taken and were unused since 2006)

And you might be wondering, who are these people? Well, we’re a bunch of culinary school graduates who are looking for something to do together in our free time. And being scattered in a couple of countries does not make that easy. So we came up with this idea because it is simple, efficient, fun and can be easily updated without the need for us all to be there.

Anyway, enough blabbering for now because we have work to do and things to get done.

So i leave you with this for the time being.

Sincerely Orange,



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